Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy Time Wedding Day Beach Day

There are several reasons that I look so happy in the picture to the left. One reason is because it was taken on the morning of our wedding. This is us right after waking up on the happiest day of our lives. Another reason that I'm smiling is because Aaron was going to make sure that I had my first stress free day since i arrived on Maui....

Every day leading up to the wedding I was just getting more and more stressed out. There seemed like there was NO END to the things that I needed to get done. When I finally let it all out in a mad-woman rant it was the night before our wedding. I went off to Aaron and his best man about how stressed I was and how I wasn't even enjoying myself at all and how having a wedding was the worst idea I'd EVER had. So Aaron, deeply upset that his lovely bride was so miserable during her wedding festivities, took it upon himself to plan a day of fun and NO STRESS for me. He decided that the next day, the day of our wedding, I was going to have an amazing day. 

And how did he do this? Two ways- getting me to write a list of rules for everyone to follow on the day of the wedding. (The only one I remember anymore is "No one asks me any questions." lol.) And the other way to reduce my stress was to plan a fun beach day.

the bride & groom hours before the wedding

So hours before our wedding we called up all our friends and had them meet us at our favorite beach- the shark attack beach! :)

our friends from LA arrive at the beach!

And it worked! I had the BEST time that day. Throwing tradition and worries aside, Aaron and I sun bathed, snorkeled and played frisbee with friends at the beach up until, oh 2 hours before the wedding! 

John brought the Zinka, I chose white since it was my wedding day!

my cousins chose to lay out in style at the Four Seasons with a nice view of our beach party

so did the rest of my family

my sister definitely had a relaxing day

jessica and me goofing off.

my hero!

And like magic, I was stress free and having fun! Which set the tone for us to have the most amazing wedding.


Blablover5 said...

He he he, "No questions" should be a mantra for every bride on her wedding day.

I was really getting sick of it too.

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

I love that you went to the beach on your wedding day! And I am SO glad it worked to make you stress free.

My goal at My Island Wedding is to try and plan one's wedding with an "Island State of Mind and Feet in the Sand." It sounds like you really did that.

If you get a chance, I would love for you to contribute an "article" for our "Been There, Done That" segment. (Now that you're a married lady, and everything...)

Any tips for brides/grooms, anything you would have done different, etc. Just type up an email to me...

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