Friday, October 31, 2008

Megan & Aaron's Awesome Maui Wedding

So Aaron and I got married on 10-10-08 on Keawakapu Beach, Maui, Hawaii. Our wedding was almost exactly a year from when he was attacked by a shark. Actually, two days ago, the 29th, was his shark attackiversary. And today, HALLOWEEN, is the anniversary of his big surgery! So I thought it would be fitting to publish our wedding blog in honor of the attackiversary and the surgeversary and show you a bit our particular off-beat wedding.

A local Hawaiian man, Kimokeo Kapahulehua, arranged for Aaron to be brought into the wedding on a canoe, paddled by his own canoe team. 

A team member blows the conch shell as Aaron and the crew leave the beach

the canoe coming in for a landing

the SOAKING WET groom running up the beach

Aaron was seriously drenched. The waves were extremely choppy and Aaron was told to lean over to balance the canoe. On the first stroke the person he was seated behind splashed water right in his face and soaked him. His thought was, 'at least I don't have to worry about getting wet anymore!' So once he hit the beach he ran up to our guests who were waiting on the shore and did the "wet dog shake" to try and dry off. When that didn't do the trick his best man was there with a new shirt and his suit jacket. 

The video of Aaron's entrance

our bridal party (not pictured, Aaron's best man who was bringing him his shirt.)

During this time my dad and I were taking our really look walk down the beach towards my adorably wet groom.

my dad walking me down the "isle"
(get it? isle? island? maui? beach wedding? oh forget it.)

my dad "pounds it" while I "shaka," yeah, this was a serious wedding.

Then I joined up with my wet hubby. The man who married us ended up being a friend of Kimokeo's because Kimokeo was still in the hospital. But Michael was awesome.

surrounded by our friends & family

reciting our vows. this was definitely the line that went
"And promise to always try my best to understand you."

And then it was time to kiss and be married! whoo hoo!!!

After we were man & wife, Aaron and I held a special ceremony to honor the shark that not only let Aaron live but inspired this whole wedding thing.

Aaron & Megan offering a ho'okupu (gift) of maile leis to the mano (shark)

And then we were married, the shark had been properly thanked and now it was time for photos! The photographer my mom hired was a total jackass who ended up just pissing me off (but that's for another blog), so my friend and underwater photographer Benja took over. He's the one who's taken most of the photos you're seeing in this blog. He's amazing. He also ended up being one of our "witnesses."

what up Benja!? we're married now! and aaron's legs took HUGE.

the bridal party "shaka"!!!!

I love the above photo, it shows so much about what I loved about our wedding. First of all you can see the groomsman's funky plaid shorts, and then the rainbow sandals we got everyone as bridal party gifts, then there's the ankle leis that my sister and best friend made themselves right before the wedding. You can see my friend Amy's awesome foot tattoo (who doesn't love tattooed bridesmaids!?) And finally my dress getting wet!! I had to literally ring my dress out after the photos!

After all the photo craziness my HUSBAND and I literally told everyone to "f*** off" while we had a moment to ourselves to watch the sunset.

our sunset

Then it was time to party!!! We had our reception at the restaurant right up the beach called the Five Palms Beach Grill. First things first we had everyone sign the guest book- our Polaroid guest book! Only WE didn't really have people do that, we asked our good friend Kimmy to help us with that.

Kimmy mans the Polaroid guest book station while Amy & Ari wait for their pic to develop. 
It turned out so well, I've looked at it so many times since our wedding

the patio reception

our awesome coral centerpieces & our even awesomer friends

our shark fin soap wedding favors.
The money we spent on these went to go towards saving the lives of sharks.

the BEST cupcakes I've ever had in my LIFE.

We were all about getting our guests fed asap because we've been to too many weddings lately where we weren't fed until the bridal party had been announced, then the best man made his speech, followed by the maid of honor who told stories about the bride from when they were in high school and on, and then the parents made their speech. So we had our guests eating dinner while the speeches were made. They were mostly your typical speeches except for my Man of Honor who played the ukulele that I bought him and sang the Ben Fold's song "The Luckiest" because it's one of my favorite love songs.

Erik rocking the uke.

Then we danced. 
dancing barefoot, standing on Aaron's feet.

The first dance was pretty awesome because Aaron surprised me with the song. I had NO IDEA what was going to be played and that was one of the things that I was really excited about. He chose "We Dance" by Pavement. It was perfect.

Then everyone danced for the rest of the night! It was so much fun.

And then it was over.

And now we're married! Rock on.


Blablover5 said...

Congrats. Looks like you guys had a ton of fun.

Michelle a.k.a. MOM said...

Awesome-est wedding ever!

Michelle a.k.a. MOM said...

I'm still not tired of looking at this!

megan said...

seriously, I just went through all the flickr pics again.
soooooooo much fun!!!

The Unbride said...

Wow! This looks like an awesome wedding. Congratulations!!!