Thursday, October 23, 2008

Returning to the scene of the crime

Aaron was determined. The minute we got to Maui all he could think about was "going back," returning to the scene of the shark attack and conquering his fear and moving on.

The first day was filled with wedding stuff; picking up chocolates, checking on our packages and unpacking. But we had time first thing in the morning on day two, before meeting with the cake lady and the going to the reception site, to head out to the Four Seasons and face our fear.

I'm not going to lie, I got a little freaked out. I was all big talk about how I wasn't going to be scared and I was going to be by Aaron's side to be there to comfort him. But when it came down to it... i was seriously terrified. And Aaron was cool as a cucumber, what else is new.

Aaron- ready to take on the big fish.

Thankfully there were TONS of people out there snorkeling, so it made us feel a lot more confident. So we did it! We took a moment on the shore to reflect on how far we've come since the last time we stood together on this beach. And then we jumped in a swam to the spot and took some pictures to comememorate this historic moment. lol.

back at the scene of the shark attack!

the view of the Four Seasons from where Aaron was attacked

Confession time again, we both got freaked out. Of course the skies got cloudy and grey the moment we swam out the that point and it didn't help our already shaky nerves. And then all of a sudden we noticed that all the other snorkelers we saw out there were gone! So we had our moment, made it quick and then then swam back as fast as we could!!! 

a proud moment- we eat fear for breakfast! :)

This was the most important thing on Aaron's agenda and I'm really glad we got to do this together.  And the rest of the times we went to that beach and to that spot were accident and shark free, I'm happy to report.

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M-O-B said...

guess you" took the plunge" in more ways than one)!!! I'm soooo very proud of you BOTH -- being there the day of attack, don't think I could go out there anymore...Love, Momita