Saturday, December 27, 2008

"Something Blue" photo inspiration board

So... I think this one is now my favorite...

I have two shoe choices in this one. I'm partial to the blue chucks but then those "Sailor Jerry" leopard print shoes
are kind of awesome too!!! The birdcage veil and flower combo thing can be worn together or separately to make for some different looks. And then that bridge in the picture is in Downtown LA behind Aaron's rehearsal space. it's complete with awesome graffiti and train tracks which would make for some really cool backdrops.

Sigh, I just don't know.

And I still haven't found a photographer yet.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Classic 1950's photo shoot idea

Ok. So this is my "classic 50's style" photo shoot inspiration board. The dress is from 

The dress is from the 1950s, I found it at, but it was already sold or else I'd snatch it up. The cute girl in the veil and the black & white photo I found on Off Beat Bride. She TOTALLY inspired this idea, including the cute all white pumps. I figured Aaron and I could grab our pitbull Jackson and do some awesome shots with my grandpa's red 1957 Ford. 

The Mod wedding dress inspiration board

Okay, I'm putting inspiration boards together using the 3 dresses that I blogged about in my previous post (and maybe more dresses if I find them). I'm hoping that maybe an awesome photographer out there will see these and get inspired to do a free shoot just to have this in their portfolio! ;)   So here we go...

The dress is from Timeless Vixen and inspired this whole thing. The awesome vintage blue suede shoes from the 1950s. The birdcage veil is from Sposabella. It's kinda Jackie-O-fabulous. I just found this cool polaroid of a guy in a mod-looking suit. I think Aaron would look super sexy in that outfit. And now you're asking yourself, what the heck is with that Volkswagon!? Well, my grandparents have one exactly like that and in that color. I'm thinking that it would be super cool to take pictures with. Am I right?

What do you guys think of this board?

Friday, December 19, 2008

it's official!

it came!!!

our marriage license came today!!! The name change begins in earnest after the holidays. :)

the search for the fake wedding dress!

The fun part about entertaining the idea of an after-wedding photo shoot is picking out a new "wedding dress." Since I don't envision the shoot being at a crappy beach in LA, and since I stopped busting my ass at a personal trainer, and since the bottom of my actual wedding dress is completely trashed with salt water, sand and red dirt, I thought I should buy a different dress for the new shoot. I'm thinking vintage, tea length and cheap. Something like these dresses...
This dress pretty much typifies the kind of look I'm going for. It's a 1950's White Tea Length Wedding / Party Dress from Posh Girl Vintage. And I'd buy it in a heartbeat... if it wasn't sold already.

This one is pretty damn amazing. It's from Timeless Vixen and it's currently still for sale. It's about $200 more than I'd want to spend though. But still, it's kind of awesome and it has that "something blue" built in. 

This one is my favorite though for some reason. It's a white taffeta dress from Timeless Vixen and the price is PERFECT! I'm just not sure how this would look on me. It might look a little strange.

But I just don't know!!! Arg. I need advice.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

After-Wedding Photo Shoot inspiration

My good friend (and ex-boyfriend) Billy got married this past September. He's one of the 3 friends of mine that got married this year! He and his wife are lucky enough to be good friends with one of the most amazing wedding photographers in the area- Jasmine Star. Un-luckily enough for them she was unavailable to shoot their actual wedding. But then luckily enough for them again she offered to do an after-the-wedding photo shoot that produced pictures so beautiful I wanted to kill everyone involved out of jealousy...

Amazing right? Aaron and I don't have photos like these. I went through our photos recently and realized that there aren't any photos that documents me as a bride looking beautiful in my wedding dress and awesome orange shoes. There's only ONE photo of me and Aaron that captures the romance of us as "bride and groom." It's the one that my MOH took and you can't see our faces. But I would LOVE have photos like these that capture us as a "bride and groom" that aren't forced and unnatural, like when our photographer tried to force us into cheesy poses. Somehow Jasmine got Billy and Natalie to pose but it feels right and looks great. I want that!!!

So here's where I'm going with this... I'm thinking of doing an after-wedding shoot. It took me a while, but I finally got up the courage to ask Aaron if he would be willing to go along with the idea. He fought it at first, but when I showed him the pictures of Billy & Natalie he understood. And he said he's on board! But I have to do all the work.

Now I just need to find a photographer that I can afford. Any ideas out there??? Keep in mind that I'm unemployed.