Sunday, October 19, 2008

Seeing Red

Remember when I was all excited because I finally ordered the coral pieces from Z Gallerie for the centerpieces? I ordered eight, large, WHITE pieces of coral. I planned on easily spray painting them a bright orange like I did six months ago with my test pieces of white coral which turned out perfect.

Well I got to Maui and ran and checked all the packages and freaking Z Gallerie sent me 8 large pieces of RED coral!!!! Totally the wrong color! ARGGGGGGG.

It's not the worst thing that could have happened... but it was a real big pain in the ass. It took 5 times as long to spray paint them because, as Aaron said, "coral it turns out has a surface area that approaches infinity." We had to go over and over them again and again to erase the red and instead of being a cool and vibrant bright orange they were an okay dark orange. Aaron and I had to make an extra run to Home Depot to find an even brighter shade of orange and only then did they actually start to look bright orange. yay!

I have to give HUGE thanks to my friend Sean for really taking the lead in the spray painting process. He was awesome and they wouldn't have turned out as great as they did if it weren't for the time and effort he put into them, and all while on his vacation! :)

who is that masked man? why it's Sean! My hero! :)

Still not quite right after 3 coats of the first orange color

The finished centerpieces on the tables! And Sean looking so pretty with a flower in his hair. :)

See, they ended up looking amazing. They looked so good that the Five Palms employees kept complimenting them all night. So at the end of the night when we were packing everything up and I was trying to figure out what I needed to take I thought, what the hell am I going to do with 8 gigantic and heavy pieces of coral!? So I asked the Five Palms if they wanted to keep them. They said yes! So now our cool centerpieces are part of the Five Palms. I kept one though.


MTB said...

Wow, Megan this all looks so beautiful. I'm so happy for you two! Congratulations!

megan said...

thank you!!!! i appreciate the comment. :)