Monday, October 20, 2008

Our wedding cupcake display!

So the cupcake display that ordered from I made was supposed to look like this:

But on the day of the wedding, when the cupcakes finally arrived they were TOO BIG TO FIT UNDER EACH EAVE!!! (Now those are some bad-ass cupcakes!)

Of course, I had no idea what was happening, I think I was signing our marriage certificate at that point. So the employees at the Five Palms were kinda freaking out. One of them asked my sister "how important is this cupcake tower to the bride?" And my adorable sis answered, "really important, she made it herself." And of course I wouldn't have cared in reality. But because my sis put the fear of god into the guy, he ended up pulling off something really amazing!...

cupcake display

How cool is that!? I think it ended up looking like a coral reef or something. Apparently, the Five Palms guy just had this stroke of genius, ran to the kitchen and came back with bowls and plates of various sizes and then made this! I think my sister approved...

morgan loves cupcakes

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