Friday, September 19, 2008

took care of the cupcake tree!!!

Well, I made the first step at least...

And I owe it all to follow engaged blogger Lori. I saw some pictures of her cupcake tree and inspiration hit like a cupcake to the face!

Lori's amazing Italian map covered cupcake tree

Luckily she also wrote a blog on how to make this baby.

So I immediately went to and ordered the mini cupcake tree. 

this stand will hold 50 - 100 cupcakes, perfect for a 60 person guest list.

And then went over to the NOAA Nautical Charts online store. And ordered a bunch of maps of the Hawaiian islands! Boom.

this map is actually displayed on the wall in our bedroom!

Now all that is left is to actually make the darn thing. Now, I'm an online ordering wiz, I've planned my entire wedding practically from the internet. But I'm not so much gifted in the way of the craft. But, I'm going to attempt to do a DIY project! Stay tuned for that blog. Should be pretty funny. (Michelle- expect a lot of emails!!)

CLICK HERE if you want to see the finished product!


Michelle a.k.a. MOM said...

What an awesome idea! I love, love, love it. Any help you need, you've got it. It's FAB. Oh, you don't know that joke. Well, it is fab anyway!

And if it gets too crazy, just bring it and we'll put the damn thing together, together, on Maui!

megan said...

yeah... i was even thinking of having it all mailed to YOU instead of me. but then I thought... you know what, if I do this myself I'll be really proud. And if all goes awry then I'll stop everything and force YOU to do it in Maui.

mingaling said...

I'm so glad I could help. I love the map you found! :)