Sunday, October 19, 2008

Megan & Aaron's Awesome Hand-Drawn Wedding Maps!

Ever wonder what the bride and groom to be are doing the night before they leave for their fabulous destination wedding? If you're thinking lovely sexy romantic thoughts right now, YOU'RE WRONG!

They're staying up till 12am at a 24 hour Kinko's making "hand drawn wedding maps" for all of their guests!...

Step One: draw the map

Step Two: make a billion copies until you get it right and then make 60 copies for everyone.

Step Three: remember to have fun! You're doing this because you're in love, right!?

Then they're staying up till 3am at their apartment completing Step Four. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of Step Four, which is: Invite everyone you can from your bridal party to come over and color in all 60 maps using the highlighters you bought at the last minute from the 24 hour Kinkos, because you realized that it looks a LOT better when it's in color and it cost $1,000 to make color copies. No I'm not kidding, it seriously would have cost us over $1,000 to make copies. So highlight like your life depends on it. Which is why there are no pictures because we were all too busy highlighting. 

Step Five: have your future husband go out and buy champagne for the weary highlighters, we are after all, celebrating a wedding here. 

Step Six: bring all the maps over to the island rolled up in a tube because you were too tired to fold them all before you left.

Step Five: force your bridal party to fold all the maps

Step Six: Notice all the mistakes you made on the map and say, "oh well!" And hope your guests find their way to the parties anyway.

Megan & Aaron's Awesome Hand-Drawn Wedding Map, designed and drawn by Aaron Finley, 
every party had a separate map in a different shape- turtle, canoe & shark.

Even though they took for-ev-er to make, and the maps were not exactly right, I'm really glad we did these. They look silly and colorful, just like our love. awwwwwww.


Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

The map looks fantastic!

megan said...

thanks!!!!! they took forever and I think that people thought we were kinda' insane. ;)