Saturday, May 31, 2008

wedding cupcakes- the good, the bad, the yummy

I've decided to ditch the traditional wedding cake and do cupcakes instead! They're easy, they're cheap & it eliminates the awkward "cutting of the wedding cake" moment.

Now that I have all the basic details pinned down I'm starting to research what I want as far as the cupcake display. I figured it would be easy to order a cupcake tower/display/tree/whatever you call it thingy and be done with it. But nooooooo, they're apparently pretty hard to track down. And the ones I have been able to find are cheap and made of cardboard, or if they look halfway decent they cost over $200!

I like the look of this one:
It's simple and easy to look at. The tiers are nice and close together and the size is perfect for a small wedding.

but I'm kind of a fan of the more modern square look:
modern cupcake display
This is the best example I could find. It's a little too DIY-ish (because it was) but I like the modern lines. However, I do not like the hideous way these babies were frosted- what is written on those???

If I wanted to get really non-traditional I could go for this asymmetrical design:
asymmetrical cupcake stands
Not sure what I think about this exactly. It's sorta ugly, but I'm digging the "out of the box"-ness of it all.

Or I could just forgo the stand all together:
stacked cupcakes
I really dig this. I like the idea of using fondant or another icing alternative so that the cupcakes can be stacked on top of each other. And besides- I've never been a fan of icing anyway! And using fondant means you can create some cool and funky designs...
fondant cupcakes

I've also noticed a trend of having an actual small cake on top of the cupcake stand. This example was by far my favorite of all the displays I've seen so far:
amazing cupcake wedding display
This awesome cake has already been blogged about here

Of course there have also been some awful cupcake monstrosities.  For example these unappetizing babies:
hideous "beach wedding" cupcakes
"perfect for a beach themed wedding" because everyone wants to think about eating sand, grass(?) & flip-flops.

Speaking of monstrosities:
seriously? I'm a little scared for that girls safety. I guess there are worse things in life than the threat of being crushed to death by a giant cupcake tower.

Along with the saddest wedding cake I've ever seen, you can file this one under the saddest wedding cupcake display I've ever seen:
pitiful cupcake stand

Anyway... this is what happens when you're bored in Delaware. 

But I have to give a shout out to my Maid of Honor and little sister Morgan who graduated from the University of Delaware today!!!! Happy graduation little sis- you deserve a cupcake! :)

CLICK HERE if you wan to see the cupcake tree I finally went with.


kim said...

hi megan! thanks for stopping by head of the table. i'm loving reading about your wedding adventures and was rocked to see that you are using bella by karah! i was very inspired by her stuff too. good luck in the wedding planning - its freakin' fun! :)

megan said...

Hey Kim,
Thanks for the comment. Karah was acutally the reason I found your blog! And I'm definitely gonna keep checking in on you.
I even added your blog to my "other wedding blogs I love" section. :)

Michelle a.k.a. MOM said...

Love LOVE love the square DIY one! You wouldn't have to spend nearly $200 either, and you could have it in your colors!!

See you, and Morgan, TOMORROW!!!!


brooke said...

hi megan!

this is well... kind of shameless plugging but if you like the fondant look - i invented a confectionery cupcake cap last year and have been having a lot of fun with it. the cool part is that they start at $1 each.

here are some pic:

btw - thans for the chuckles. your blog tickled me.

megan said...

hey brooke, I'm glad you like the blog.
I already had the wedding and some local lady made the fabulous cupcakes so I don't need anymore cupcake services, but perhaps someone who reads this post may be in need. So good luck to you! Btw- I check out your site & they look really cool! what a great idea!

Alix said...

It's so nice to know there are other people out there going for a fun, non-traditional kind of wedding. I was starting to despair. my soon-to-be sister-in-law is also planning her wedding, and is UBER-traditonal.

I am hitting the same stumbling block you did as far as finding attractive, cheap cupcake tiers. I guess it just hasn't caught on enough to make them easy to find. Stumbling on your blog gave me a laugh, though. :)

megan said...

hey Alix! So glad I could make you laugh. :)
I finally found a solution to the cupcake stand - wrote it up in this post here:

And the cupcake tower actually ended up looking like this at the wedding:

Good luck with your search and your non-traditional wedding, if you haven't already you need to check out (I intern for that site and it's fabulous for people going the non-traditional route).