Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Russian Tailor Blues

You would think that I was getting a custom made wedding dress with how many times my away messages have said "going to the tailor." I have been to the tailor 3 times just this week! But it's not for a custom dress, in fact all it needed was to be hemmed. I'm short. 

I dropped my dress off on Saturday, August 20th, and after embarrassing me in front of the whole shop, she said to come back next Saturday. But the next Saturday was my bridal shower, I figured I'd just pick it up sometime the week after, but I never really found the time until a month later. I figured for SURE it would be done in a month! 

So I strolled in there last Saturday all excited to try it on. When I entered the store she had no idea who I was and I had to remind her, "I'm here for the wedding dress..." "Oh!" she said, "Net, net." From what little Russian I know, I thought that "net" means "no" but she couldn't mean no, could she? Sadly, "net" does mean "no." And she told me to come back Monday...

I came back this Monday. Again she didn't recognize me. "Can I help you?" "Wedding dress?" I said. She told me it wasn't ready, come back Tuesday, it will definitely be ready on Tuesday...

I came back today (Tuesday), again the same blank look on her face and "Can I help you?" "The wedding dress?" "Ah!... Net." 

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!???? How long does it take to hem a freaking dress? She's done three of my mom's dresses, one of my sisters and all of them done in time. But bring her a wedding dress, the most important dress of all the dresses, and she can't find the time!? 

I am so pissed right now. 


Morgan said...

omg!!!! that russian idiooooot! hahah I told you I never liked her!! mom is coming tomorrow so maybe we can stop by and she can set her straight if it's not ready again!!!

Michelle a.k.a. MOM said...

Go back. If she says 'Net' again, tell her...that's right, NET!! And take the damn dress with you and go elsewhere.

Seriously, that's totally unacceptable.

Sorry you're dealing with that!

Does it make you feel better that I somehow got a black grease stain on the back of my dress BEFORE the wedding (I never figured out how), and had to take it to the cleaners the week before the wedding? That was stressful, but all turned out perfectly. Yours will too.