Sunday, August 31, 2008

YOU'RE getting married!???

When shopping for bridesmaid dresses a few months ago some lady at the Calypso store overheard that I was getting married and whirled around saying "You're getting married!?" With shock, and yes, a tinge of horror in her voice.

I was confused, did she know something I didn't? "Um, yeah," was my timid answer.

"How old are you?" She asked, more like demanded.

"Um, 26." 

And a wave of relief washed over her face as she said "Oh, thank god, I thought you were 16 or something."

Wow. That was weird.

me at 17  |  me at 27
the only thing that doesn't change is the bad posture.

And then yesterday I got that again from two different people in the same day.

I got my wedding dress hemmed yesterday. Whoo hoo! I'm making it shorter in the front than the back to give myself a little train. And while the adorable Russian lady was hemming it and giving me a lecture about how I shouldn't be drinking Coke, she asked how old I was. When I told her that I was 27, after having to stop and remember that i was 27 now and not 26, she said "you look 17 I think." And then proceeded to show me off to the whole store, saying "look, she's a bride, she's 27 but she looks 17!" And the whole place nodded and smiled. And there I am standing, red-faced, on a pedestal wearing a wedding dress. Awkward.

Then at lunch with my mom the waiter recommended that I order the chocolate cake for dessert. My mom made some comment about having to fit in a wedding dress in 2 months. The waiter and I laughed, he said "don't worry about it." And I said, "I'm not."

When he came back with the most amazing chocolate cake EVER, he said, "are you seriously getting married?"


"How old are you?"

"How old you think I am!?"

"18 or 19."

"Wow, it's cool dude, I'm 27, don't worry." 

Then it was embarrassment and backtalk all around with a side of awkwardness. 

And I know, I know, I should take it as a compliment, but I hate the shocked looks I keep getting. It's embarrassing. I want to walk around with a t-shirt that says, "I'm 27, so it's okay" when I go shopping for wedding stuff.


Michelle a.k.a. MOM said...

It could be could be my friend Lisa, who also is 27, also looks like she's 17, and has three kids ages 4 and under!

Don't you know she gets some comments!

megan said...

Oh i know that's totally worse. I have a friend who looks like she's 14, married with 2 kids. She gets awful looks all the time and it drives her nuts. At least my weird looks will stop in two months!

Kimmmmmmmy said...

Fantastically funny post! And considering that wedding planning makes SOME brides age 10 years, I think it's quite the compliment!

megan said...

excellent point my dear friend, excellent point.
I'll take the compliments but I could have done without the public humiliation at the tailors. :)

Drew said...

I'm of the understanding that most women would be quite happy to be in your predicament. Also: slouchy, baggy shirt-wearing 17-year-old Megan is adorable. I feel like you're going to get hired by my parents to babysit me and then make me watch Melrose Place.

LM said...

so, not to be redundant or anything, but....

i got married at 19 and had a baby three weeks before i turned 21. the nurses in the LDR were horrified when i walked in to have emet, whispering about teenage pregnancies and what is the world coming to.

to them i say, you're just bitter 'cause i'm a smokin' hot size 4 at 9 months pregnant, bitches.

i'm still married and still a size 0 after six years and two babies. and i am accused of being an 8th grader at my son's school all the time....

megan, i feel your pain!

congrats, lovely lady. you look stunning in all your photos, and i'll be expecting the wedding pics in about a month or so. post haste, madame!

megan said...

Lynzie!!! You were the friend I was talking about!!!! How funny! :)
You are SUCH a hot young mamma, and people are definitely jealous of you, what's NOT to be jealous of!?
love ya kid. And you will DEFINITELY be seeing some amazing photos in a month!!!!!!!

LM said...

now that's just funny....