Monday, September 22, 2008

Girlie Wedding Shower!!!

So I did it, I survived the "girlie wedding shower"!!! My mother, sister and my cousin Dana where the architects of the incredible party and they went as far as to make my parent's house look like a beach resort! They even came up with a "signature drink" to hand out to all the guests upon entering the party. We called them "Lahaina Lemonades." On the left is a picture of me enjoying my Lahaina Lemonade! :)

My girlie wedding shower was fun! Lot's of drinks, lots of gifts and lots and lots of women. The sound was incredible. I think there were like 30 lovely ladies in attendance and one "man of honor," Erik!...

erik looking really cool.

Per my request they didn't have any horrible shower games like the toilet paper wedding dress (thank you!!!!), but they did have two less horrible games. One was trivia based upon the invitations that had hawaiian words and their definitions on the back.

the back of the wedding shower invite

And the other shower game was actually great-  Everyone was given a shell necklace and no one could say the word "fiance" since I hate it so much. If they did they and someone caught them, that person takes their shell necklace and the person with the most shell necklaces at the end of the party wins. 

Anyway, enough words, let's see some pictures!!!

me with my best friends in attendance- Erik, Aaron (before he left), me, Amy & Raina!

my cousin Dana, me & my sister Morgan

I have no pictures of me and my mom, so here is a picture of my mom (right) and her friends

I do, however, have a really cute picture of me and my future mom!

I was excited because it's sort of become a tradition for the brides-to-be to sit in this one particular chair in the living room while opening presents. And it was FINALLY my turn! And man where there some AWESOME presents!! 

I got hooked up with the Dyson Allergy and Asthma vacuum (which has changed my life), some adorable lingere from my mom and mom-in-law, an amazing shadow box collage of all of our wedding invitations made by my future sister, an ipod dock clock and lots of Hawaiian themed stuff just to name a few of the gifts! :) Man, I love gifts!!!

Anyway, it was lots of fun, I loved spending time with friends and family and let's not forget opening lots of gifts! So thanks again Mom, Morgita & Dana, you guys RULE! Best girlie wedding shower ever. :)


Michelle a.k.a. MOM said...

oooohh... I LOVE that Aloha thing! Way cool!

M-O-B said...

so, OK, you don't have a pix of me with you:( but at least you could have gotten some of the TABLE and outside bar with the dramatic curtain!!!! Cuz I went back and forth to Michaels so many times ***not to mention the $$$$ spent there that could pay for your entire wedding reception*** decorating that table and stuff - and NO pictures of it????!!!!....but I do recall demanding at least one photo with you, me and Morgan - where is that one?! Anyway, glad you got your stash, and can't wait for Maui, but next time I will be in charge of photos...soooo, be prepared.............

megan said...

The picture of the 3 of us is on a polaroid. I don't have a scanner.
And If you recall my camera is broken so I was not in charge of ANY of the picture taking for once. So there are NO pictures of the decor and it saddens me.

M-O-B said...

me too -- that is why I'm more bumped not getting photos of the decor than me w/you:( but it is still not taken down, cuz I want to get a photo before -- maybe this weekend -- btw, the DJ sent a questionnaire -- you will have to answer some of the questions -- don't know what you want -and needs to be done, momita

kimmmmmmy said...

that dress is BEEEEEOOOOTIFUL on you! i love the way you tied it gorgeous!

megan said...

thanks darlin!
I actually HAD to tie it like that bc since I've been working out I lost weight since I first tried it on and it was too big for me! The halter tie was holding it on me! :)
I love my personal trainer! :)