Wednesday, September 17, 2008

less than one month away!!!

Things-I-need-to-do-like-ASAP-but-haven't-had-any-time-to-do to do list:

- find someone to make a butt load of cupcakes for our "wedding cake." 
(I don't know why I've been putting this off. Part of me just wants to go to Costco and pick up cupcakes the day of or something, it's really not a big concern of mine.)

- order last remaining items for "welcome bags." 
(The Maui Wow Wee chocolate website wanted to charge me $25 for shipping to literally ship it down the street!!! wtf? So I called the company on their ridiculous shipping fee and now I need to order them over the phone to bypass that. But I never have time to make a phone call- at work I'm not allowed to use my phone, on the way home I can't use my phone because of the "no hand held cell phones in the car" law they put into effect in Los Angeles, when I get home- well, let's face it- I'm never home anymore. Too much to do.)

- call the guy who works at our reception site to go over menu and other stuff.
(He's only called me a billion times and every time it's the worst time that he could possibly call.)

- make hand drawn wedding map of the wedding party locations per my mother's request. 
(You should have seen my face when she told me I needed to make hand drawn wedding maps. Like I have nothing else in the world to do but to somehow learn to draw and then turn myself into a freaking human Thomas Guide.)

- pick up my wedding dress from the tailors! 
(It's been there for 2 weeks now and I just haven't had time to get it or try it on or anything.)

- have the groomsmen try on their outfits.
(I keep forgetting to bring the shorts and the shirts with me when I hang out with them, and now... come to think of it... I have NO IDEA where their clothes are... hmm...)

- find accessories to wear for the parties.
(So far I have no shoes to wear with the dress for the "Welcome to Maui" party. I have no accessories to wear with my wedding dress (except the rings of course!). I have no ANYTHING to wear to the "Hangover Lunch." And.... and... I don't know, Kimmy help me!!!)

On a side note, I updated some of the older blogs I wrote and then forgot to publish or didn't finish. I'm starting to realize that this blog will be over soon and I'm getting sad. :(


Michelle a.k.a. MOM said...

Oh, stop! Please stop! I am laughing so hard I..........can't type! Seriously, laugh til you hurt, pee, can't breathe, (or all three) laughter here!

Hand drawn maps! I can just see the horror on your face, and it's making tears roll down my face while I'm laughing! I can just hear the WTF running through your brain!

Okay, took a break, I'm back, and I'm STILL laughing. And all because I somehow felt the need 8 years ago to draw little hand drawn maps of my own, so people could find the reception hall.... Can I send you one for inspiration?

So, your horror aside, your mom's not too out there. And being all out of towners, we'll all be lost if you don't help us out with a one-of-a-kind MeganGuide. Of course, in the era of GPS in your cell phone, it may just be a really cute keepsake, but I still want one!

Still LMAO in Texas,

megan said...

I think the laughter in infectious bc i just started laughing at your response to my wtf-ness w the maps.

hey, I know they'll be useful so that's why i'm-a gone do it. But the way mom said it was so flippant, as if she was telling me to pack an extra sweater or make a left at the light. Like it was nothing. She's too funny. God bless her little heart.

And yes please, send me your map. And then tell me how the @(&#*^&%&* you made it???

Morgan said...

you forgot to add: call Dr. freaking Potter back! muahhahahahahha jk sista =)

Michelle a.k.a. MOM said...

"Part of me just wants to go to Costco and pick up cupcakes the day of or something, it's really not a big concern of mine.)"

WHAT? You're not concerned about it? It's sugar. AND cake! Sugar and cake. What is there to NOT be interested in?

Any luck with the map yet?

megan said...

ha ha!!! Don't worry, there WILL be cake. got in touch with the cupcake lady. ALL IS GOOD IN CUPCAKE LAND.