Saturday, August 16, 2008

So the boys are taken care of...

After an excruciatingly long shopping spree with my mom and my brother we have nailed down the groomsman outfits!!!!  About 4 months ago I saw these really cool shorts online at the Pac Sun website, I thought they were awesome, Aaron even liked them. But every time I went to check them out at a store they were no where to be found. So yesterday I decided to try one more time and there they were! On the sale rack! The perfect number of them in (hopefully) the perfect sizes, for $19. Can't beat that.

So here they are, I paired them up with the bridesmaid dresses-

PacSun Kirra shorts - Calypso Kimberly Dress

And we also found their shirts on sale at Penguin too. Really comfortable, light weight, white button down shirts.

I think the shorts are pretty much perfect for our funky & colorful beach wedding. 

What do you guys think?


Kimmmmmmmmy! said...

I love them girl!!! They look so good together. Are you wearing that Foley + Corinna wrap dress to rehearsal dinner? If so, check out these super cheap and amazing flops:

AND, let me know if you'll need my help tying that lil sucker. xoxoxoxox

megan said...

As always I am relieved to receive your approval.

By wrap dress do you mean the floral one like the one you wore to your birthday party? If that's the one your thinking of them that's the one I'm wearing.

And i will DEFINITELY need your help tying those. I need your help doing MOST things. :)