Saturday, September 13, 2008

YOU'RE changing your name???

It appears that over the years people have developed an opinion of me that I am some sort of über-feminist. I don't know when, or how this happened. I mean, let me clarify that I am a feminist as far as being one who believes in the social, political, and economoical equality of the sexes and I do enjoy literature by bell hooks. But I'm not the type of girl who spells womyn with a "y" or burns bras or whatever the it is they do now-a-days. I'm no a faminazi. 

But for some reason I am met with surprise when I tell people that I'm going to change my last name! "Oh really!? You are changing your last name?" 

I'd say 90% of the people I've talked to reacted to the news that I'm going change my name with honest to goodness shock.

I started to think that maybe it wasn't me and that women in general just aren't changing their name anymore. Until my sister sister mentioned how the new guy she's dating holds open doors for her and pulls out chairs and carries things for her. And then said "I know you hate it when guys do that for you, but I think it's nice."

WTF!??? Where did THAT come from!? I love when guys do that stuff. When a guy who is a complete stranger holds open my door I make sure to stop, look him in the eye and say a whole-hearted "thank you."

So I don't know when this happened, I don't know how people got this opinion of me, but I can't wait to take Aaron's last name. Get over it.

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Drew said...

I can't believe you'd want to drop a last name that sounds like a sound effect.

Also, I enjoy your typo "faminazi," which would be a ruthless supporter of mass starvation, I guess. I personally never mistook you for someone who loves famines.