Sunday, September 14, 2008

unique & shark-tastic wedding favors

If you've been following this blog through the planning process then you know that I'm trying to buy local as much as possible for wedding things in order to help support the island economy. This is really important to me. But it was hard finding wedding favors that didn't suck or weren't cheesy.

And then I found a company on Honolulu that sells these awesome and extremely unique wedding favors....

Shop Toast

We were going to go for the orange Love Fruits filled with sour gummy oranges.
orange love fruit
I thought this would be a good idea because,

a. I had never seen anything like these before
b. The color orange plays a big theme in our wedding
c. it was one less thing that my guests had to pack and take home with them. They could just consume it at the wedding or at their hotel room and be done with it
d. they're fun to open!

But then I saw a blog about Shark Fin Soap!
shark fin soap
I immediately thought these would be a perfect wedding favor for us. Not only does it celebrate the reason we ended up getting engaged (aaron's shark attack) but the money we'd be spending on the wedding will go to a charity!!! And the people over at Lush who are selling the Shark Fin Soaps are so sweet. I'm currently speaking with a woman named Jill who has offered to use our wedding colors to help decorate the favors! And she just brought that up on her own. Plus with every email she writes to me she gives me a fun update on what's going on over in England! (I love that.)

Now, the only problem with them is that they're not from the islands, they're actually from England. But for the same amount of money that I'd spend on the Love Fruits favors, I can spend on these babies and the money would go to a really good cause. So that eases my not "buying local" guilt.

But if any of you out there in blog-land who are planning a wedding and looking for unique and fun wedding favors you should really check out There are so many fun products that can be customized for your wedding. And the people who work there are amazingly helpful and nice and will respond to your emails/requests personally which I really appreciate. And I'm sorta bumbed-out that I'm not going to be using them for our favors, but I did buy an adorable basket of orange Love Fruits for my mom and sister as "thank you" gifts for the bridal shower they threw me (pictures to come soon).

Anyway, I can't wait to see the Shark Fin Soaps, I just know they're going to be a hit. I just hope they arrive in time, the wedding is less than a month away!!!!


Blablover5 said...

Everytime I see "Shark Fin Soap" I read it as "Shark Fin Soup" and am trying to figure out how you can give that away as a favor.

Those look really cool though, I'm sure your guests will love them. Maybe even as much as the shark fin soup.

megan said...

Too funny!
Though, the reason they're making Shark Fin SOAP is to stop people from making Shark Fin SOUP. So... you're not too far off. :)

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh....Do you have ANY idea how crazy Ethan is going to go over this? He is going to think it is the coolest thing EVER!

You know he ordered a bunch of shark books from his latest scholastic book order...including one about the three little fishes and the big bad shark...He said "WE HAVE TO GET THIS one and read it to Aaron and Megan in Hawaii!!"

He is beyond excited. (well, we all are).
This morning in the bathtub he asked me if the customer Joey is meeting with this morning is buying trailers to take to Hawaii...

megan said...

Oh my god that is so cute about trailers to Hawaii!!!
I'm excited that he's excited. He's going to have a blast. We ALL are. And I'm pretty sure these soaps are going to be a humungous hit! :)

Kimmmmmmmy said...

dude!! did you already buy them!?!? I have a HOOKUP at LUSH!!! Let me know....

megan said...

whoa! i'm writing you an email right now.