Thursday, September 11, 2008

hold please.

Sorry I haven't been blogging lately!
The future in-laws are in town and we are busy going out to dinner & going to aquariums and, oh, cleaning our apartment to the point of unrecognizable-ness. 
Blogging will pick up soon and I have a whole MESS of things to blog about. It's blog-tastic. 
blog blog blog.

blogging squirrel says "please hold"


Michelle a.k.a. MOM said...

Where did you find that picture? Hilarious!!

megan said...

i did a google image search for "hold please" !
this was the 2nd image that came up!!!!

Blablover5 said...

It looks like a really fat prairie dog.

Poor thing won't be able to get back into its little hole.

megan said...

that's what working at an office job will do to you.