Monday, August 25, 2008

This one's for Amy...

I have a confession to make. I hate tattoos but I love tattooed brides! I think the pictures are always so amazing! And something about a tattooed bride in a traditional wedding dress looks so stunning to me. I think I'm going to start a regular posting of new tattooed bride pictures when I find them. I guess I sort of live vicariously through them because I would never get a tattoo for so many reason- scared of needles, don't like marks on my skin, I'm not sure I'll ever like something enough to get it permanently printed on my body, did I mention I'm scared of needles, etc. But if it weren't for all those things I would LOVE a huge tattoo that is more like a piece of art like this girls. But I'm waaaaaay to chicken to (and aware that one day I won't be a size 4 anymore) to ever get that done.

But When I came upon these pictures on another wedding blog I had to laugh because of this picture...

My best friend and bridesmaid Amy has these really awesome tatts on the top of both of her feet (one of them is the bird tattoo pictured above) and her parents freaked out when they saw them. Since she's engaged they got upset and said they didn't want to walk her down the isle all tatted up with "colors flashing" but I think this picture is so amazing because of  the "flashing colors."

other awesome bridal tattoo pictures from the Jonathan Canlas wedding photo blog:

pretty tattooed bride, Sydney

beautiful bridesmaid whom I wish I looked like

So there, it's out there. I love me a tattooed bridal party!!! And I can't wait to see Amy's colors flashing on the beach in Maui. :)


Kimmmmmmmy! said...

So Jessica Moss and I used to draw tattoos on each other just for fun in high school. She would make some gorgeous things- I mean, she's an incredible artist!
Maybe it would be interesting to have her give you a fake tattoo for the wedding? Or, if you don't really want it seen, I'll bet you could even get one that would surprise your hubby - like "MRS. FINLEY" on your left butt cheek. Or, maybe "Aloha Hubby!" or some Shakesperian quote? As long as it's not a butterfly. Or a dolphin. And it could be in blue. Faux, of course.
I'd be glad to help with that. I have excellent penmenship.
Just an idea.

Blablover5 said...

My bridesmaid has a tattoo on the top of her foot that she's had to work very hard to hide from her parents.

Luckily her parents aren't going to be anywhere near my wedding so she can show it off.

For her brothers wedding however, I'm not sure what she's gonna do.

megan said...

amy, the friend I mentioned, hid her foot tattoos (plural!) from her parents forEVER. Even while on a cruise ship with each other!!!

She just found a place that sells theatre makeup and covered her feet with it every morning. it apparently worked because they never found out about them until my mother spilled the beans.

THEN she got in trouble. :)

Jonathan Canlas said...

tats are the best. seriously, they made this wedding...thanks for the props! how did you find me?

megan said...

Hey Jonathan!!! It's been a while since I posted this but I THINK i first saw these photos on the Offbeat Bride blog. But I have to say man, these were the ONLY photos of another wedding that I ever posted. They are phenomenal!!!! great work.