Tuesday, July 15, 2008

this is where a wedding planner would come in handy...

So I'm running severely behind schedule! My invitations should have gone out like yesterday.
My sister and I assembled all the invitations over the weekend, but of course I ran out of postcard stamps for the rsvp cards and I completely forgot to order stamps for the actual invitations! Plus I have been having the hardest time trying to find real wax seals. I finally found the perfect seals on ebay and then at the last minute got out bid and lost them! I was so bummed.

So late last night after hours of internet shopping I ordered everything I need to finally get this invites done, had to pay a fortune in express shipping costs but... I can't wait any longer.
So here's what I got...

rsvp card stamps

 envelope stamps

Ivory Pearl glue gun sealing wax

and 2 wax seals:
the wax and seals are from Seasons Creations
Now here's the question:

Which seal should we use? 

-They are both of our aumakua's- mine is the turtle and Aaron's is the shark. 
-The turtle is more Hawaii wedding-y and represents longevity.
-The shark would be funny though and it definitely has meaning in that it took a shark attack to get this wedding to happen!

What's your vote?


Kimmmmmy said...

Sorry you're running behind but NO ONE except YOU knows! The guests won't know the diff between this week or the next so don't worry my love!!

Love the idea of WAX seals! Sooo cute! I'm totally down for the turtle, only because its symbolism best represents your relationship. A shark, though funny and an amazing inside joke that everyone can share in, seems a little, well, agressive or destructive.

Maybe you can include the shark somewhere else in the wedding - like on the placecards!! like men are sharks and women are turtles or something... ;) and waxed placecards would be a GORGEOUS handmade touch if you haven't already found some.

BTW, So glad you're doing a Friday wedding! Wednesday and Thursday airfares are soooo much cheaper!!

Morgan said...

I like the turtle! But i also like the shark...buttttt maybe you can alternate between the two??? but if I had to pick one it would be the TURTLEEEEE!

megan said...

Kimmy- holy crap woman, you have good ideas. Screw this whole "New York fancy editor" stuff- you should go into wedding planning!!

Morgan- I thought of alternating, but eh, i'm not sure about that idea.

So far 2 votes turtle!

Michelle a.k.a. MOM said...

I like both. Use turtles for guests of the bride, and sharks for guests of the groom. You've said what positive things you've both gotten from the shark attack, so I don't feel that as a negative vibe at all. Of course, just turtles would be absolutely fine.....

And quit stressing....!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't make me come out there!

Maid of Honorrrrr said...

yesss michelle is awesome for agreeing with ALTERNATING themmmmm! =) I like that idea A LOT!

for some reason everything I have suggested lately..she shuts it DOWN! =(

alex said...

I'd alternate but I love the shark because every time I think of the two of yours story and realizing how you both realized life is to short I want to cry.... Life is to short for the two of you lovely people not to be together.

megan said...

aaaaaaaw! speaking wanting to cry... wow Alex, that was amazing. thanks. :)

okay so it looks like so far it's 3 votes turtle and 3 votes alternating and 1 vote shark.

hmmm... Alex's comment pretty much swayed me though- i think I'm gonna go with alternating!