Saturday, July 12, 2008

Spotlight on: The Invitations

They have arrived!!! 

I came home this afternoon and my lovely bridesmaid Amy had brought the box inside for me and put it on my desk! 

I dropped everything I was holding and made a beeline for this baby!
Just like her invitations Karah's boxing style is so unique and cute, check out this adorable green tissue paper!

I was totally shaking by this point and I tore off the green paper and I saw that the cuteness didn't stop there- she had individually wrapped the invitations and things in beautiful blue tissue paper! Karah rocks.

And what is that wrapped in an adorable pink bow?...

Well that is a special little surprise that Karah threw in the box for me. How awesome is that!?
This is also the first time I've seen Mrs. Finley written in out in reference to ME!!! It totally made me tear up. I was really touched.

This is why I adore Karah and Bella By Karah designs. 

She really did an amazing job and I feel so lucky to have gotten the most perfect invitations that were exactly how I imagined them at a price that I could actually feel comfortable letting my mom pay for invitations!

So now, without further ado I give you my wedding invitations...

Karah took the above picture for me. Instead of the brown envelopment I will use a burnt orange one, they're just not at my place right now. 

I am so beyond thrilled right now with these guys. So thanks once again to Bella By Karah who made my wedding invitation dreams come true! :)


alex said...

Im just seeing this blog! I love it..great job. So how much were these beauts?
Im lookin....

Michelle a.k.a. MOM said...

I am cracking up at the "hangover lunch".... I love it! Especially since that's the morning when the FOOTBALL GAME OF THE YEAR is going to be on at like 5am Maui time! You know how much you must be liked for Joe to miss OU/TEXAS? a lot.

Love the invites. Can't wait to see it in person.

megan said...

Alex- check your email!!

Michelle- check your mail... in a week. :)

Joe- I swear I had no idea, please don't kill me. :)