Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Spotlight on our wedding officiate - Kimokeo Kapahulehua

He's in!!!!

My cousin just called to tell me that Kimokeo Kapahulehua just
said that he would officiate our wedding!

There is seriously NO OTHER person that we could think of to marry us. It needed to be him. But he's so busy and he's such a mysterious guy that it was so hard to get ahold of him. (I have a feeling that Jane just ran into him on the island and that's how this all happened.)

I am so thankful and feel so blessed to have someone like Kimokeo marrying us. He is truly a special person and enriches the lives of everyone he meets by teaching them about the true spirit of Aloha and the amazing Hawaiian culture and beliefs. 

He changed our lives so drastically after the shark attack. He alone took this horrific experiences and turned it into one of the most spiritual and special events of our lives. Aaron and I sat there in that hospital room thinking that this was something we would just have to "get through" until Kimokeo walked into the room and showed us that this was actually a blessing that we were lucky enough to experience. And it took a very special and powerful person to pull us from the depths of our fears and depression and not only show us but make us really feel how lucky we are. 

And I believe that some of his positive energy and luck will not only be transfered into our daily lives but it will also now be infused into our marriage. 

Mahalo nui loa Uncle Kimo!!!

Just to give you an idea of the amazingness that is Kimokeo, here is a segment of the shark ceremony that he conducted for Aaron and the two men that helped pull him out of the ocean.

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