Tuesday, June 24, 2008

no bouquet

So... I don't want a bouquet.

This is something that people find extremely shocking. It's apparently so shocking to them that once they get over the shock and find the ability to do anything but stare at me open mouthed, they begin to beg and plead with me to reconsider.  "But you have to have a bouquet," is usually one of the first things they say to me. And my response is always, "Why?" And they don't really have a good answer- "because it's pretty" and "what else are you going to hold?"

How about, I'm pretty & I'll hold onto my Dad's arm and then Aaron's hand?

I just don't get them!!!! It's like the bride walks down the isle clutching it like someone's going to steal it and then gets to the alter and goes 'wait, why am I holding this?' and hands it off to someone how now has to TWO of these stupid things to hold. And then at the end of the night she launches it at a group of her friends in a bizarre (and way to often barbaric) ritual. 


No thanks, I'll save that money and spend it on something that I don't have to throw at people.


Michelle a.k.a. MOM said...

Damn! And I was looking forward to finally going to a wedding where I wouldn't be forced up there to catch the bouquet, but could just watch safely and smugly from the sidelines.

You've ruined my fun. I'm not coming now.

Just kidding of course!
It's YOUR wedding, do it however un-conventionally you want!

Besides, would people really notice THAT much if you weren't telling them in advance? As you walk "down the aisle" are they going to be looking at your smiling, happy face or your bouquet? Yeah, that's what I thought!

megan said...

I don't really volunteer this bit of info unless people ask me, "so what are you using for a bouquet?"
Or when I tell folks that I'm not ordering flowers and they go "well what about your bouquet!?" And then I have to break the news to them. :)

Maybe I can throw a piece of decorative coral at the single girls? It'll be a bit more dangerous making it all the more exciting.

Leslie said...

You know i've never thought of it that way! And you might have just changed my mind about a bouquet! Thanks a lot! I needed to hear that!