Monday, June 23, 2008

moving, rocking & rolling

Sorry to my loyal blog readers (all 5 of you) I haven't had time to update for a few days- I've been helping my little sister (MOH) move into the apartment down the stairs from me, in 100 degree temperatures. It's not been much fun. But hopefully she'll make it up to me by being the best MOH ever.  :)

I DO have a lot to blog about but that will have to wait, because on top of moving my little sister I also have the first music gig of my life tomorrow that I'm busy practicing for!

FYI- I am NOT a musician but all of my friends are and so it was inevitable that one day I would be involved somehow. I am singing back up for my amazingly talented friend John Graney in the midst of a band who is also filled with amazingly talented musicians. I am totally, utterly, leaps and bounds out of my league. I have a fear that this gig will be like those dreams where you show up for the first day of class only to find out that it's actually the last day of class and you have to take a final that you're completely unprepared for.  But I'm practicing my BUTT of, so hopefully that is one dream that won't come true.

The best part about this whole experience, besides having an outlet for my insatiable need to sing, is that this means that Aaron and I get to spent a lot more time together because he's playing drums! And on top of that Erik (my best friend and "man of honor") is playing bass!

So keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow, I am so completely nervous/excited.


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