Friday, May 2, 2008

the invitations

I've been working with Karah of Bella by Karah designing the wedding invitations. She's awesome and is so easy to work with! I saw her beached themed wedding invitations and loved everyone one of them so I wrote her for a quote and they were wonderfully affordable. I had figured I'd have no choice but to pay close to $5 per invite, but thank heaven for Karah.
I immediately fell in love with this coral invite-

but combined it with the colors from this invite-

So, we went through over 15 mock ups and finally decided on one. I was happy with it, my mom was happy, Morgan (maid of honor & sister) was happy, Erik (man of honor) thought it looked great, even my friend Raina (my hair stylist) and her boyfriend who have very particular tastes thought it was great. It was feeling on top of the world. Everything was coming together nicely.
And then there was Aaron...
I nervously asked him if it was okay to talk about wedding stuff this morning and he actually said yes. So I proudly showed him the invitation I had designed and he hated it. Hated the colors- which also happen to also be the colors of the wedding.
turquoise & orange
so what do I do now!??????

upadate- May 3rd, 2008

Aaron and I have reached a compromise. We're gonna use a darker blue for the invites and then all should be well, I think. I have to wait until after the weekend to see the finished product.

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Karah said...

Megan, I can't wait to work with you in more detail on your invites, when you return from Maui!:)

Karah @ BBK