Saturday, May 3, 2008

save the date!!

Okay, so the save the dates are ordered and will be sent out soon!!!
I made a postcard out of a photo I took in Maui...


I also designed some custom postcard stamps as well.
the stamps:

(recognize the design? It's the same picture from the blog title. I love these flowers, they were the ones that the Four Seasons had delivered to Aaron in the hospital.)
And these were all designed by yours truly using combined with my Flickr account. It was super easy. I chose the postcard option from Zazzle and then clicked a dragged a photo I liked from Flickr and viola! Awesome save the dates. I can't wait to get them. 
Aaaaaaand I got 70 custom postcards and 80 custom stamps for a little over $100! Can't beat that. It was a really affordable and cute spin on save the date cards.

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