Thursday, May 1, 2008

the Calypso Color Collections

I went on a marathon shopping spree with my mom and my sister, Morgan, aka. the maid of honor.
We discovered the PERFECT store for finding bridesmaid dresses for a beach wedding. Calypso is full of beachy styles repeated in several of the same colors. Check out this line-up I've pre-arranged for you using my favorite colors...

The Orange collection

The Turquoise collection
turquoise dresses

The Green collection
green dresses

What Megan wanted- 
Two different dresses from the Orange collection.

What Megan got- 
Two of the same dresses from the Turquoise collection.
How did I end up with the opposite of what I wanted?... Morgan picked her favorite (the first one in the turquoise collection photos) and them mom insisted we buy the same one for Amy (my other bridesmaid).

But here's the cool part; if Amy hates that dress or it doesn't look right on her, we can just go back to the store and exchange it for one that she does like in the very same color!

Now I just gotta figure out what to do with my Man of Honor!


Michelle said...

You know, I have to say I think that turquoise will look awesome on the beach in front of the ocean!

megan said...

yeah, it will look really beautiful. unfortunately I just found out today that Aaron hates the color.
oops. oh well! ;)

Kimmmmmmmy said...

Turquoise might blend too much in the pics anyways! Green and orange are perf! As for the Man of Honor, only a Tommy Bahama Hawaiian shirt will do! This one will look great if you go with the coral/orange theme!

;) j/k!

Seriously though, all he needs are cute orange boardshorts, a lei, and some hot sunglasses...

megan said...

well, we went with the turquoise already. Though I still wish it were orange bc now the problem is that the turquoise color is so hard to match with anything for the boys!! Arg. I'll have to post my pictures of my choices for the board shorts & have people vote on their favorites.
Also- I like your idea about sunglasses. I"m sure Erik already has a pair he could wear. :)