Saturday, April 5, 2008

take this dress and shove it.

shit. this whole airline-local switch will mean I'll need to find a new wedding dress. My Foley + Corrina dress is way to "wedding on the beach in Maui" for "wedding in the heart of Los Angeles."

Oh well, it's not too heartbreaking as those bastards just fired my friend for no damn reason. They can take their dress and shove it now. The problem is that F+C only do exchanges for "store credit." So I'll keep it and wear it to something else wedding-y-- but I won't like it Foley + Corrina jerks!!!

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M said...

LOVE!! the new blog. I almost feel like I'm in LA. The link you sent me was AWESOME too!! Looks like an old-time Hollywood wedding site! TOO COOL!!