Saturday, April 5, 2008

"Aloha" means GOODBYE (and also hello)

The more I live, the more I realize that we are not in control of our own destiny when some of the most RANDOM things that have absolutely NOTHING to do with our lives one day can have such a profound impact on EVERYTHING the next day.

Take for example- sharks. For my whole life sharks were just these creatures that barely existed. I knew they were there, I appreciated their contribution to the ocean's ecosystem, but they had no real impact on my daily life what-so-ever. Then one day a shark introduces himself to my boyfriend and my WHOLE life changes! Nothing has or ever will be the same again. A fucking shark man.

And when I was a little girl thinking about my what my wedding would be like I never EVER thought that an airline going bankrupt would shape the entire outcome of my wedding. WTF!? Aloha, the fricken airline whose prices I was basing the date of my wedding on, just went out of business!!!

This is what their website told me today:
aloha airline's is dead

Thanks a LOT airline business men who made bad choices and drove their company into bankruptcy. Now it's going be WAY more expensive to fly to Maui for a wedding.

Well.. at least there's always my backup- ATA airlines. It's a shitty way to fly but at least it's still in business... or is it?...
ATA is dead

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?? Two of the cheapest airlines with direct flights to Maui BOTH went out of business in the same WEEK!?

So because of all this airline jack-assery Aaron and I have given in and decided to have our wedding here in Los Angeles. It's just going to be too expensive to fly over to Maui now and there will be fewer choices for people when making their plans, and well, to be honest, at this point I couldn't even afford to fly to my own wedding!

Is this how my life is really going to be? A shark attacks and I'm engaged. An airline goes bankrupt and my wedding plans are ruined. A butterfly flaps it's wings and something else either sucks or is good. I guess it's just the whole ebb and flow of life and where the Shark giveth the airline taketh away.

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