Tuesday, April 15, 2008

the lowdown on the River Center

So I visited the River Center yesterday to have my "wedding tour." My mom came with me and it was really important that she be blown away since she is paying for the wedding. Of course my mom has a built in "fatal flaw" finder, so much so that at times it's ALL she sees in any particular location. It's what makes her such a great interior decorator, but a terrible companion for wedding location scouting.

Los Angeles River CenterHere's the lowdown on the Los Angeles River Center...

The rental fees are based on the size of the party and the day of the week. They're increasing their fees staring 2009. :(

But what I'm looking at right now would cost either $5,500 or $6,500 for a party of 150 people. (If I somehow miraculously get a date in 2008 it will cost either $5,000 or $5,500.)

That fee will get me
- 3 sets of restrooms
- bridal room
- prep-room for caterer
- 150 chairs
- five 8ft long tables
- use of the outdoor fireplace
- large bar
- dance area
- free parking
- liability insurance
- indoor & outdoor use (anyway I want to use it!)
- 12 hours of time on the property (from 11am - 2am)

Like I said, my mom wasn't exactly thrilled with all that.
Here is the list of Laura's Fatal Flaws:
-too close to the freeway (Hello! we're in LA!!)
-too much traffic noise (see above response)
-they don't supply the decor (the place doesn't NEED any more decor!)
-no on site planner or helper (okay that would be nice)
-they don't supply anything but the location

That last part is the part that I like the most about the River Center. You pay to have a blank canvas to create whatever type of even you want!

But she is paying for it so I'm sort of at her mercy for the moment. Luckily I have some other location ideas so I'll go check them out.

But the River Center is still my favorite!!!!!!

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