Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"because you have so much time on your hands"

My future sister-in-law sent me this link with "because you have so much time on your hands" as the subject...

Make a Floral Headdress - wikiHow

This article goes on FOREVER!!! I had no idea that it took 149,023,748 steps to make a floral headdress!

I would actually LOVE to wear a floral headdress on my wedding! In Maui I was planning on wearing a haku.

If I get married in LA I'd either like to do a floral headdress or one of those cute old fashioned hat/veil thingys.

But Aaron recently told me that he'd like me to wear a veil. I still don't know about that...

Anyway, my future SIL has this amazingly hilarious blog called I LOVE you but you're driving me CRAZY, about her ridiculous experiences raising her two little boys. Check it out if you want to laugh your ass off.
Those two crazy boys, btw, are the only kids allowed at my strictly "no kids allowed" wedding and I'm hoping that there will be a blog in the future about the insanity that will ensue from that experience.


M said...

Oh, those boys will be strapped down and duct taped shut if need be. They WILL NOT ruin your wedding, I promise!! :) LOL.... (No, I don't really use duct tape on them....don't call DHS on me!)

Chris and Katie said...

if kids cant come then i cant come :(

megan said...

it's called a babysitter! All the Alley baby-havers should do some sort of group baby-sitting thing. I don't know, we'll think of something.