Saturday, April 19, 2008

another informative Michelle-mail

Here's some more stuff I found. Once again I'm having way to much fun with this.

I file this one under...who the hell is going to fold 250 origami crane wedding invitations. This person is on pluto. There were somewhat good ideas under the tips section, but not necessarily earth shattering new ideas.
my response: I'm also filing this under- saddest wedding cake I've ever seen.

my favorite from this one is the suggestion to walk down the isle to a song that has real meaning for you- and then their suggestion was "Love Will Keep Us Together" by Captain & Tennille!!!!!

Here's another option
Seriously, this is already as many steps as you are doing now!! Why????
my response: Do they really need to make the number 1 step- "Consider your decision to elope" when you're obviously looking up "elopement" on wikipedia?

Okay this is a serious, possibly helpful link
and this isn't:
ooohhh....and the cake to match!!
my response: eeeeeeeeeew.

For laughs:
I thought this was something totally different!
File this one with the freaky giraffes
my response: "Go to a pet store and find some clothes for the "bride" and "groom". If you aren't able to find something that will work, make an outfit or have someone make one. "
Why of course! That is a very valid, normal, not weird at all idea!!!

Another possibly helpful not a joke idea:
This is a different idea for wedding favors! Never seen this before...
my response: that's actually a pretty good idea if we do a beach wedding!

And what the hell is this? Am I just un hip or is this person from Pluto too?
I don't even know what the hell club penguin is!
my response: um... i'm confused and intruiged...

Your wedding dress dilemma is solved...
my response: amazing.

And finally, I was going to say this was for any kind of idiot you might be inviting to your beach wedding, but after reading it, it's actually a USEFUL tip!
my response: That actually IS really useful! I think that should be my wedding favor if we have a beach wedding.

All right? Are you still speaking to me? This is so much fun to look for stuff and not have actually make any decisions!! And the funny shit that you come across is just a bonus!

Have fun planning!


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