Tuesday, January 29, 2008

3rd times a charm!

Aaron and I picked out a new engagement ring for me today! It's vintage style with a round 1/2 carat diamond.

It pretty much looks like this ring:
diana classic engagement ring
Diana Classic engagement ring- $3,605, from Michael C. Fina, 800-289-3462

It's not exactly my favorite type of diamond, I'd rather it be cushion cut, but we got SUCH an amazing deal on it that I'm thrilled none the less.

I turned in the evil engagement ring, it's less-evil matching wedding band, a diamond necklace, and an ugly gold heart necklace mom got me YEARS ago. Stuart (our jeweler) checked it all out and said let's take a look at some bands.

I explained to Stuart that my ideal ring was the Tiffany Legacy ring with the pave diamonds and all that jazz. He nodded and then showed me a ring that I wouldn't have thought about because it was for a round stone. So I tried it on and I didn't love it. It had all of the things I wanted in a ring but i just didn't like the roundness.

it looked like this with the prongs sticking up
round pave setting

But then stuart, sensing my dissatisfaction, said "hold on, I'll put a diamond in it." So he left and came back with a quarter carat diamond and dropped it in the ring and I said "holy shit! that looks amazing!" Then Stuart said that he'd GIVE us that ring for what I brought him!!!! And it looked even better.

Stuart said, "And then if you want to upgrade the stone later it could easily be done." Aaron then said "Will a 1/2 carat diamond fit in it?" And stuart said let me check. So he grabbed a 1/2 carat and it just barely fit but it looked SO fricken awesome. Aaron said why don't we just put in the bigger stone right now. And Stuart checked the price and said he could hook us up with that particular diamond for almost the exact amount in which I already had a credit with him! Aaron said, "let's do it!"

So with the bigger diamond the ring comes out to be basically FREE.

Now I have to wait while Stuart sets the diamond in the ring. It shouldn't take too long.

Aaron's joking that he's going to have to propose a 3rd time because this whole thing has become to ridiculous.

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