Friday, December 19, 2008

the search for the fake wedding dress!

The fun part about entertaining the idea of an after-wedding photo shoot is picking out a new "wedding dress." Since I don't envision the shoot being at a crappy beach in LA, and since I stopped busting my ass at a personal trainer, and since the bottom of my actual wedding dress is completely trashed with salt water, sand and red dirt, I thought I should buy a different dress for the new shoot. I'm thinking vintage, tea length and cheap. Something like these dresses...
This dress pretty much typifies the kind of look I'm going for. It's a 1950's White Tea Length Wedding / Party Dress from Posh Girl Vintage. And I'd buy it in a heartbeat... if it wasn't sold already.

This one is pretty damn amazing. It's from Timeless Vixen and it's currently still for sale. It's about $200 more than I'd want to spend though. But still, it's kind of awesome and it has that "something blue" built in. 

This one is my favorite though for some reason. It's a white taffeta dress from Timeless Vixen and the price is PERFECT! I'm just not sure how this would look on me. It might look a little strange.

But I just don't know!!! Arg. I need advice.


bridechic said...

I'd say this one is truly one-of-its-kind, even for the 1950s. The off set key-hole neck is very chic.

Hannah Noel said...

I am totally in love with all of those dresses!!!

The Pissed Off Bride said...