Thursday, December 18, 2008

After-Wedding Photo Shoot inspiration

My good friend (and ex-boyfriend) Billy got married this past September. He's one of the 3 friends of mine that got married this year! He and his wife are lucky enough to be good friends with one of the most amazing wedding photographers in the area- Jasmine Star. Un-luckily enough for them she was unavailable to shoot their actual wedding. But then luckily enough for them again she offered to do an after-the-wedding photo shoot that produced pictures so beautiful I wanted to kill everyone involved out of jealousy...

Amazing right? Aaron and I don't have photos like these. I went through our photos recently and realized that there aren't any photos that documents me as a bride looking beautiful in my wedding dress and awesome orange shoes. There's only ONE photo of me and Aaron that captures the romance of us as "bride and groom." It's the one that my MOH took and you can't see our faces. But I would LOVE have photos like these that capture us as a "bride and groom" that aren't forced and unnatural, like when our photographer tried to force us into cheesy poses. Somehow Jasmine got Billy and Natalie to pose but it feels right and looks great. I want that!!!

So here's where I'm going with this... I'm thinking of doing an after-wedding shoot. It took me a while, but I finally got up the courage to ask Aaron if he would be willing to go along with the idea. He fought it at first, but when I showed him the pictures of Billy & Natalie he understood. And he said he's on board! But I have to do all the work.

Now I just need to find a photographer that I can afford. Any ideas out there??? Keep in mind that I'm unemployed.


Blablover5 said...

I know what you mean, I never really felt all that comfortable with the cheesy forced poses and it shows in a lot of pictures.

So we went out to some gorgeous nature area with our camera and a good friend and just had fun the day after. It wasn't as super polished as their pictures as we don't have that fancy of a camera, but there are some great moments.

Plus in the end I only had to pay her an ice cream cone.

megan said...

You know... come to think of it, we DO have some friends that are pretty awesome with the camera. But part of me wants a someone that KNOWS how to get shots like B & Nat's. Because if we get a friend to do and I'm not satisfied again I'm going to be really frustrated.

But I DO remember your extra shots and I quite liked them! they were super cute.