Saturday, November 8, 2008

"Welcome Bag" Slave Party

A destination wedding means a lot of things- an exotic venue, an excuse to bring both families together for a fun vacation and lots and lots of scrambling to get things done at the last minute.

One such project that required much scrambling and forcing the bridal party and friends to be our slaves was the "welcome bags" for our out of town guests (which was everyone). At first all we had to do was stuff 60 bags with 11 things. And then my mom and my cousin Dana went shopping and brought back 4 more items to include to in the bags. That means 15 different items in each of the 60 bags. Yeah, it got kinda crazy. 

I don't have any pictures of us gathered around my cousins outdoor dinner table and going at it assembly line style. It was in charge of opening the bags and inserting our "save the sharks" pamphlet, erik was the tiny bottles of Maui Babe sunblock, Sean was the fans, John was- oh I can't remember any more! But in the end Jessica and Kimmy checked all the bags to make sure they had everything and then made them pretty with blue tissue paper. 

THEN... Dana and my mom came home with yet another project. They completely emptied out a grocery store of all their Local sandals in order to pass them out to all our guests as favors to enjoy during their trip. They also bought baskets to group the sandals by sizes to make it easier for people.

John, Dana & Erik slaving away over sandals.

Finally after 2 hours all 60 bags were assembled. There are no pictures of this either because at this point i was so stressed out that I was tearing out my hair. But that's a different blog...

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