Thursday, October 2, 2008

SPOTLIGHT ON: The Bridal Party Gifts

The other day my sister and I went running with my personal trainer (my least favorite thing to do) and Demitri (my trainer) kicked our collective asses!!! Oh man I was sore. I was so sore that I couldn't find the strength to get up off the couch and drive to Orange County to meet up with my mom and get our bridal party gifts.

We're (eventually) going to go to the Rainbow store so that we can buy Rainbow sandals for the entire bridal party as both their gifts and to wear at the wedding. I LOVE Rainbows and I think everyone in my bridal party loves them too, maybe not Daren... but that's just because he hasn't had a pair yet. But Daren will soon feel the love...

boys style on the left, girls on the right. I'm going to go with the light sand color.

I think these are the perfect gift for a beach wedding and a lot more creative then say your typical engraved flask for the guys (Aaron still has his from a previous wedding he was in, it's collecting dust in a box in his closet) or some cheesy matching necklace & earrings set for the girls (Amy also has one of these from a previous wedding she was in, it's now lives in one of my purses I rarely use, she took it off immediately after the wedding, shoved it in my purse and it's hideousness shall never see the light of day again). 

But seriously, everyone loves Rainbows. I just need to get everyone's shoe size now.

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M-O-B said...

I think the girls should wear the skinny strap ones:)