Friday, September 26, 2008

The Russian Tailor Blues pt. 2

I finally got my wedding dress back, in the strangest way possible...

After visiting the Russian tailor lady for the 6th time in a row she told me that she would call me the next day when it was ready. Well, the next day that call never came. So I went into the store again the day after that and, guess what!? It wasn't ready! 

I think she felt bad so she told me that she would deliver it to me that night. She took my address and said that she would see me at 6:30 pm. 

6:30 came and no dress. 6:45 came, no dress. 7pm came, still no dress. And by 7:20 I was just about to leave to see Erik perform at Hotel Cafe when I finally got a phone call from her. She was out front!

She got out of the car, practically dumped the dress in my arms, said "congratulations" and then drove away, leaving me stunned, confused and a little worried that something was wrong with the dress.

So I rushed inside and tried it on and it was... perfect! It was totally fine, nothing wrong, fit great. So random.

I just always imagined by "final fitting" for my wedding dress being more, I don't know, not like picking up something on the side of the street and throwing it on for a second before I had to head out the door to go to a bar. Kind of anti-climactic. 

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Michelle said...

Oh thank goodness it's done and perfect!

I was so worried there in the middle of this post! So glad it turned out well, even if it was weird.