Friday, September 26, 2008

For Kimokeo

I just got some terrible news- our friend Kimokeo Kapahulehua is in the hospital in the ICU. As far as we know right now he is unconscious and they're not really sure what's wrong with him.

Unless you've been reading my wedding planning blog, misadventures in wedding planning, you don't know who Kimokeo is. He is an amazing local Hawaiian kapuna whom we met in Maui when he helped us out after Aaron was attacked by a shark. He visited us in the hospital and made us see a whole new side to the attack that we never thought about. He turned the attack into a blessing and then held a ceremony for Aaron after he was released from the hospital. He was also to be the man who was going to marry us.

I'm writing this to ask that you take a moment to send some good vibes his way, weather it be through prayer or meditation or plain 'ol positive thinking. We need to surround him with light and positivity to help him pull through this, the same way he did for us when Aaron was in the hospital feeling worse than we'd ever had in our lives.

My cousin who lives on Maui spent all last evening at the hospital with friends and family and Kuhuna's and healers, and Hawaiian spiritual leaders, praying. She took her friend who is an energy worker and healer and they sat in the waiting room for over three hours talking with these amazing Hawaiians. Her friend was allowed to go into the room with two Hawaiian healers and did a healing on him. She said it was quite an experience and felt so much energy coming off him. He is fighting!

They think he has Leptospirosi. But his status this morning after less than 24 hours of antibiotics is the same.

All we can do is wrap him in a pray network that does not allow for anything except complete recovery! So please take a moment after reading this to concentrate on him and wish him a full recovery. He's not only important to us but he's important to the community and to the world in general. Just knowing that someone as amazing as him is alive in this world is a wonderful comfort to us all. We love him and we can't wait to see him again!

Aaron and Kimokea exchanging "Ha" or "the life's breath"

Kimokeo (left) & just a few of the people whose lives he's touched (most of my family)


M-O-B said...

and he also was there for Mike!!! He called Mike a walking miracle - now we need Bully to be one!!! ONLY POSITIVE thoughts and prayers for him coming his way.

Carol, the photographer called and left a message re Bully today, and says she has some ideas on back-ups if needed.....have not called her back til we know more.

Anonymous said...

Any update ?

megan said...


Kimokeo's status has been upgraded from critical to stable. So that's great. He is still sedated and on dialysis.

But he's remained in the same condition for the past few days which is good because he hasn't gotten any worse.

Keep sending prayers, light, love, positive energy or whatever your belief system supports.

And thanks for your concern!