Monday, September 29, 2008

"Knock Yourself Out"

Since before I ever met Aaron and before I was ever even close to getting engaged I had my "first dance" song picked out. The moment I heard "Here We Go" by Jon Brion from the movie "Punch Drunk Love" I knew that it was the song that I wanted to dance to at my wedding. There are two reasons for this- it's in the count of 3, and the lyrics "You gotta hope that there's someone for you, strange as you are, who can cope with the things that you do without trying to hard."

"Here We Go" from the movie "Punch Drunk Love"

Of course years later I would be marrying someone who worked with the guy who wrote that song. And, of course, to him the idea of dancing to a JB song is pretty ridiculous. 

Okay, I understand that. I accept that it won't be our first dance. And what he's doing instead is really sweet. He's surprising me with a song! I don't get to know what it is until that very moment. I'm so excited. And maybe we can have "Here We Go" played sometime during the night just because I love it so much.

Then I got this sheet to fill out from our DJ. One of the questions was what is to be our "last song." And then I thought maybe we can play "Here We Go" for the last song! Perfect compromise. Not exactly. Aaron said no.

Then I remembered almost a year ago when Largo put on the "Shark-a-Thon" for Aaron and Jon Brion played another amazing song that he wrote for the movie "I Heart Huckabees." He played "Knock Yourself Out" and it was like Aaron and I were hearing it for the first time, even though collectively I think we've heard him play that song 300 times. But it took on a whole new, very poignent meaning that night after Aaron being attacked by a shark and then me being held up at gun point. The lyrics "Why we're put in this mess is anybodies guess, it might be a test, or it might not be anything you need to worry about. But if you're still in doubt, go 'head and not yourself out." And then a couple months later I thought, that would be the perfect song to play at the end of our wedding. A perfect message to send people home with.

"Knock Yourself Out" video w JB, Jason Schwartzman & Mark Wahlberg.

So I proudly brought it up to Aaron this morning. And his response- absolutely not! Nothing that reminds him of where he used to work is allowed at our wedding. And I'm crushed.

Not only do I love these songs so much and always wanted them to have a place at our celebration, but JB is the reason we're even getting married!!! If it weren't for him we never would have met!

So anyway, I'm really bummed. And if they can't be at our wedding at least they have a place here in my blog. At least everyone can enjoy them somehow.

So, go 'head and knock yourself out.

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