Friday, August 15, 2008

LA Story - our engagement photos

We got the rest of our engagement photos!!!

It was a really fun day and I think that it shows in our photos. We got our friend and amazing photographer, Ellen Tunney, to run all around the city with us, taking these great pictures in front of some of Los Angeles' public art exhibits & landmarks. I thought the LA theme was nice because it's the city in which I was born & raised, it's where we met & they show off the "city kid" side of us that one day we'll get away from when we movie to Maui. :)

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And of course, it wouldn't be "misadventures in wedding planning" if things didn't go wrong for me- the day before the photo shoot I developed a big zit on my upper lip that is clearly visible in all the pictures and Aaron wasn't able to get a hair cut until the day after the shoot.

But, I think we still managed to look somewhat put together anyway...

From the top row L to R: 

us in front of the "Hymm of Life: Tulips" sculpture by Yahoi Kusama in the Beverly Hills Gardens Park, kissing in front of the Beverly Hills Post Office, us amongs Robert Irwin's "Palm Garden" installation at BCAM, shopping in Beverly Hills, enjoying "Urban Light," a sculpture by Chris Burden at LACMA

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