Monday, August 4, 2008


The birthday card from my boss. Amazing.

It's midnight on August 4th and I'm 27.

Aaron is playing his guitar and singing "Happy Birthday" for the 3rd time because he couldn't figure out the chords. But it's sweet and I could listen to that all night long. Maybe not "Happy Birthday" in particular, but Aaron playing guitar all night long.  It's definitely a great way to ring in my 27th birthday. 

We just got back from our wedding shower / engagement party / birthday party for me. But I'll have a write up about that in another blog. Right now I'm going to have one more Guinness, watch the rest of this Simpsons episode and then call it a night... a birthday night.


Alex said...

Im super bummed I missed it and that I was stuck in GRE hell. I hope I can make it up to you!!

megan said...

You can totally make it up to us- we're having another party... but it's in Maui. ;)

But seriously, thanks for that, you were totally missed!