Thursday, July 3, 2008

Co-ed Showers (wedding showers, that is)

I got an email from my "second mom" Meg (my bridesmaid Amy's mom who I've known since i was two) saying that she wants to throw me a bridal shower!! I'm so excited, I can't even wait!!!!!

In the email she asked me two questions, when should she throw it and who should she invite.

The first one was easy to answer- whenever she wants! 

The second question is where it gets tricky. See, if one were to throw me a typical "girls only" shower there would be hardly anyone in attendance because I don't have many girl friends. In fact, hold on... let me do a quick count right now... not counting family members, I have five girl friends, yup 5.

I guess it could be just a small shower, but that means that most of my closest friends wouldn't even be invited if it's "girls only."

Meg suggested that she could throw me a "couples shower." I had never heard of a couples shower before but when I searching for an interesting picture to use for this blog I stumbled upon an article that gave tips on how to throw a couples shower. It wasn't all that informative though, pretty much stating the obvious- turns out throwing a couples shower is just like throwing a couples party. Who knew.  And their picture sucked too...
The girl in the middle is saying 
"why would anyone use this picture for anything?"

BUT, I did like their suggestion on shower gift ideas that the bride and groom can both enjoy. For example a "Handyman and Handywoman" theme with gifts such as tools and other convenient household items. My favorite was the "Stock the Bar" theme, with gifts such as bar glasses, bar tools and liquor! :)  Or gifts centered around the bride and grooms shared interests or hobbies. For us it would be music or dog themed gifts I guess. That would be fun! 

Has anyone ever been to a couple's or a co-ed wedding shower before? What was it like? Did you enjoy it more or less than an all girls shower? And any tips or suggestions you could give us would be much appreciated!


Michelle a.k.a. MOM said...

No help here! I've never been to one, although it could be much more interesting and enjoyable than the traditional shower, which I usually try to avoid!

So, my only advice is to make it as non-traditional and quirky as you guys are, and it will be terrific!!

Michelle a.k.a. MOM said...

Oh, and Puh-lease!!!! DON'T have the guests divide into teams and compete using toilet paper to mummify someone into an "original" TP wedding dress.

TRUST ME. No one enjoys that. Especially the mummy! I speak from mummified bride experience....Thankfully there aren't any pics of that floating around!


megan said...

The unfortunate thing about your wedding shower, is that you're completely out of control of the happenings at your wedding shower. I have a feeling that Meg and Amy kinda know that I'm not the toilet paper wedding dress kinda girl. I'm more of the hang out and drink beer and talk about how weird it is that I'm getting married kinda girl. :)