Friday, May 9, 2008

wedding reception sights in Maui

So today was not as productive as the day before. We got a lot of information about possible reception sights...

We found the perfect place to have both the wedding and the reception- a restaurant called Sarentos On the Beach. This place is literally ON the beach... on of the employees told us that it was the last place on the island to get a permit to build so close to the water. Its' amazing!
Keawakapu beach
the view of the beach from the restaurant
Sarento's On the Beach Maui
inside the covered patio
But since I want to have music and dancing we were told that we'd have to rent the entire place out, which would cost $18,000!!! My dad did not like that number and neither did we. 

So we were off to find another perfect location. My cousin Jane told us we could get some place just as great on Maui for waaaaaaay less. And wouldn't you know it... 

Right next door is the Five Palms Restaurant, also right on the beach with just a beautiful green lawn separating the restaurant for the ocean waves.
The Five Palms Beach Grill 
the five palms entrance from the parking lot  
Five Palms patio  
the outdoor patio
To rent out that place would be around $5,000! I'm pretty sure that this is going to be the place. It's perfect. We can get married on Keawakapu beach, walk right up to the Five Palms and party on the patio. 

We also spoke to our friend Michael O'Dwyer over here who owns Mulligan's (he's the guy in the green shirt) and Matteo's restaurants. He said that we could do a reception at Matteo's!
Matteo's on the golf course
We could have the whole place with a dance floor and everything!! But the only problem with that is that it's not on the beach and you can't even see the beach. It is on a really pretty golf course though, and it's owned by a friend which makes me happy.

And then our other option is having the reception at the Flatbread Pizza Co. When I mentioned that to Aaron he got really excited. You can have music and dancing in the upstairs room without renting the whole place, which is great, and the food is phenomenal, our favorite on the island, but it's in Paia, so it's a bit of a drive from South Maui.

So there we are. Our search continues...

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