Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sub-par & Submarines

So I'm looking into a beach wedding in Los Angeles. Let me tell you, it's a pain. It's not like in Maui were you can just walk onto any beautiful beach at any time and get married. Of course it's WAY more complicated in L.A.

My fabulous future sister-in-law sent me a bunch of links to locations and ideas about beach weddings in LA. And the more I read them the more I grew frustrated with the sub-par and lackluster beach locations in California. They are NOTHING like Maui. So my frustration grew into talk of elopement. And elopement grew into talk of heading back to Maui.

Why not have a small wedding in Maui and then a big ass party when we get back to the mainland!

So I googled "elopement maui" and found this awesome website that lists wedding packages.

So far our favorite is the submarine wedding!


M said...

Crap!!! I KNEW you were going to find that "elope to Hawaii" site!!

Morgan said...

you are NOT ELOPING without your maid of honor in tow! andddd i think we should invite the Foley boys to your wedding! lol Drew could be my daaaaate! =)

megan said...

we would "elope" with the family and our best friends ONLY.