Sunday, November 9, 2008

Welcome to Maui Party

Instead of a "Rehearsal Dinner" Aaron's parents hosted a "Welcome to Maui Dinner" as there was no rehearsal. Everyone who came to the island was invited and it was a lot of fun. Except for when I got stung by a wasp. THAT was more than not fun, that was excruciating. 

We had the dinner at a friends restaurant in Kihei- Matteo's -and it was fabulous!

the bride & groom
the bride and groom outside of Matteo's

megan & raina
me & Raina- she did my hair right before the party!

Aaron & Daren
Aaron and his Best Man, Daren

guests at Matteo's
the guests start to gather at Matteo's.

Renee & shark balloon
Judy with the shark ballon!
My mom and sister found this balloon and brought it to the party.

megan, dana & laura
me, my cousin Dana and my mom

handing out the welcomet to maui bags
we went around handing out all the "Welcome to Maui bags" to all of our guests.

"the kids table"
"the kids table"
I was being stung by a bee as this picture was being taken

after being stung the the bee. 
Raina came by to comfort me, I cry and hold a napkin filled with ice to the sting and my sister is behind me laughing!

Larry's speech
Aaron's dad's amazingly sweet speech.

We got a cake for Aaron's parents 40th wedding anniversary!!!

At the end of the night our friends came together and read the haikus they had written about us. The haikus were inspired by the fact that "Megan and Aaron" is five syllables. 

erik reads his haiku
Erik reading his haiku.

I can't remember any of them at the moment so I will write another blog about the haikus later. But the one I do remember is this:

Megan and Aaron
and Aaron and Megan and
Megan and Aaron

Amazing. And so was the entire party. We had a great time and great food and even greater company. And it helped set the tone for an awesome wedding.

oops, i mean
MOM & DAD!!!!

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Hannah Noel said...

That looks like a FUN time!! Wish I could afford that!!