Sunday, August 17, 2008

misadventures in dreaming

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I spent all day yesterday taking care of wedding stuff- ordering things, organizing things, emailing back and forth with my future MIL, basically kicking ass and taking names on the wedding planning front.

I thought that would all make me sleep like a baby with the confidence of knowing that I am on top of things for once in my life. 

But nooooooooooooo...

I had wedding nightmares all night! And every time
 I woke up from one and thought "oh thank god, it was just a dream." I fell back asleep into another nightmarish wedding situation. 

Of course being the laid-back bride that I am, these "nightmares" were not as bad as normal wedding nightmares might be. They were more like this-

Dream #1: My best friend and bridesmaid wasn't feeling well the morning before the wedding, I tell her to go to her room and rest and just meet us right before the wedding. She never shows up and no one knows where she is. Confusion and panic set in. My best friend has totally missed my wedding and who knows what's happened to her!

Dream #2: I'm playing at the beach all day and forget it's my wedding day! Oh crap! I see everyone already gathered together on a lawn with chairs set up and stuff, just waiting for me to walk down the isle. And I'm still in my bathing suit and damp, sandy towel, with crazy beach hair. The rest of the dream is me scrambling to get ready.

Dream #3: I can't really remember, it was the one I was awakened from by the sound of my dog puking. But it was something about doing my hair the day of the wedding and how it was impossible.

I can't remember the other ones, but they were all stupidly stressful like that one. (Except for the one I had about filling out paper work, that one was long and boring.) 

I have no idea why I had those crazy dreams, because I am far from stressed out (about the wedding) in real life! And I know that the day of I will have a lot of people making sure that I don't play at the beach to long and miss my wedding! (I hope.)

But I did some research and found out that it's not uncommon. Apparently even non-stressed brides have nightmares about their wedding day. And the hair-do disasters seem to be a common theme. 

Who knew!? Not me. But now I do. And now you do.

Sweet dreams.

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