Thursday, August 21, 2008

co-ed wedding shower / engagement party / birthday celebration

So the co-ed wedding shower / engagement party / 27th birthday party for me was phenomenal! We had such an amazing time. The Wolf's (my best friend for 24 years and her parents) threw us such a beautiful and special party. Complete with a looooong dinner table for around 30 set up on their lawn with candles and martini glasses filled with sea shells and tea lights with colors to compliment our wedding colors! It was so cool. Everyone was really impressed. 

the amazing table set-up
friends and family & cooper (bottom right)

My friend Raina (who just bought her tickets to Maui!!!!) came over and did my hair, she colored it and then styled it in the cutest little bun. And then she found a plumeria hair clip in a drawer and added it my hair-do. I felt so darned pretty! Then with the addition of my new Leyendecker dress I felt beautiful. 

i love this picture almost as much as i loved my hair!

We had an amazing turnout, I was super thrilled to see all of our friends and my family show up and celebrate our engagement and my 27th birthday. And I want to thank the Wolf's for everything they did for us!

the fabulous hostess & pseudo-mom, Meg!

If you'd like to see the rest of the pictures of the party, check out the flickr set. If you see of you that you like feel free to download it and keep it. 

* * *

The next day was my 27th birthday and Meg & Amy met up with Morgan, Mom and me on Sunset Blvd. for a lunch...

morgan, amy, meg, me & mom

Thanks for spending my birthday with me ladies & thanks for throwing us an amazing party Meg & Amy & the rest of the Wolfs! :)

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