Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Spotlight on the MOB: A First Class Lady

My mom RULES. The woman has been helping me plan this whole crazy wedding even though it breaks almost EVERY SINGLE rule in her wedding etiquette book. She's gotten mad at me, I've gotten mad at her. She's written checks left and right, she's even relinquished her credit card for strange and last minute Polaroid film purchases (will explain that one later). She's flown me to Maui, sacrificing being away from her family on Mother's Day (though we had a pretty great day anyway). And she's hardly ever complained. And when she did complain she had every right to. 

She's done all of this while starting her first job in 26 years (since she became a mom), moving her other daughter cross-country from Delaware to LA and setting her up in another apartment, decorating it from head to toe, and being a loving wife to my father, and that whole wife-thing, as I'm quickly learning, seems enough to be a full time job!

And then two days ago she went and purchased our tickets to Maui. Even though she didn't have to, even though she's already paid for everything else, even though it was a total pain in the ass, she did it anyway. Aaaaaaand she hooked us up with 1st class on the way there. She even paid a little extra for us to fly in a day early because that was the only day that 1st class was still available. And when she couldn't work her magic to get us 1st class on the way back she some how got us the only two seats in a row with extra leg room. Yeah, she rules. We love her. And she loves us. As is evident in these photos:


She's a kick-ass lady who will do anything for her family, even if certain members of her family happen to be two off-beat hippy misfits like Aaron and me. And that's all it takes to be the best Mother Of The Bride ever!!!!!

Mom & Me, on the top of Haleakala volcano- Mother's Day '08


M-O-B said...

OK, so I just listened to "Stealing Cinderella" and "I Loved Her First" on the radio, and got mad cuz I was putting on mascara to go to work and didn't want to cry -- then thought I would check on who did buy you that cool toaster, and read this!!!! Soooo, now I have really runny mascara eyes and a very red nose, and I have to go to work! But I don't care who thinks what cuz my crazy, wacky, hippie daughter ROCKS MY WORLD. I love you too much for words and I'm so proud of you, even if you didn't address the invitations properly:) MOB

Anonymous said...

Megan- I have watched you, since... - well... I dropped you... in your crib... and what i can observe, and confirm is-.... as a young woman, and hence- a bride... YOU ARE FULL OF... GRACE.
Very few people understand- if ever... TRUE appreciation.- i think,... because appreciation begins with being aware. At a time when- "the world is revolving around the bride- YOU"... you are aware... THAT is the biggest gift you will receive from your wedding... that, and of course, your shark bitten, hippie hunk. and ok...- some cool stuff from Tiffany and CO.- all right- maybe some fabulous Tory Burch from Neiman Marcus.... well- then... come to think of it...- that !st class ticket to Hawaii- is pretty good- and, now that I'm being REALISTIC---- you know- that week at The 4 Seasons.... that is up there....- even though it's not "hippie chic"-
GOD, i love being REAL.
All my love and respect- Dana

Michelle a.k.a. MOM said...

Wow! M-O-B you DO rock! And I'm a little teary eyed over here in Texas myself.

What an awesome duo the two of you make. I'm so glad you're both enjoying it and each other so much!

M-O-B: Can't wait to meet you in Hawaii...

Megan: Maybe one of the best posts ever!

M-O-B said...

Thanks Michelle - and I can't wait to meet you too! I first became aware of you when Megan would read your blogs in Maui while we were sitting in the hospital room with Aaron - they were/are very entertaining and it took our thoughts away from the shark attack for a while. I'm also looking forward to meeting your parent's and your little one's you write so "fondly(?) about:) Yes, this post was well worth the invitations not reading "Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Allen Tharpe, III request the honour of your presence blah, blah, blah - and also worth no sparkle on her wedding dress, along with no vail, or no flowers for the center pieces, etc., etc..... you get the point! - my daughter is NOT your typical bride....but I still have Morgan who will be not only your typical bride, but I'm quite sure, a BRIDE-ZILLA!!!!!!!
See you in October!

"Bridezilla" said...

wow...thanks for that compliment(?) mom...haha

M-O-B said...

Of course I meant it in the most loving way Boo-Boo:)