Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Made of Honor"

So shopping with Erik was fun! He was great. We found one good cheap dress and one AMAZING expensive dress at L'ezu Atelier...

these pictures do not even do this dress justice. It's amazing. L'ezu is a great wedding dress store. The best one we visited in L.A.

After 4 days of non-stop wedding dress shopping, I think I'm done. I have my top 3 dresses picked out.
-The one from Pronovias ($1800)
-The Nicole Miller ($500) dress
-The L'ezu dress ($2500)

Quote of the day-

Erik: Look, the Made of Honor poster. Like us.
Megan: Yeah, but you better not love me or ruin my wedding.
Erik: I do love you and I will probably ruin your wedding, but it won't be for romanti
c reasons.


Morgan said...

I think i like the Pronovias dress...it seems more "beachy" and different and not to mention beautifulllll! and i think if you end up getting married on a beach you should go for the shorter length dress

megan said...

the Pronovias dress is long. Erik and I came to the conclusion today that short dresses look weird on me bc I'm too short.

Morgan said...

lol ok.. i guess ill have to see it in person then!

megan said...

we should go look at the dresses tomorrow, while we're looking for YOUR dresses!

Michelle said...

Love the dress. The purple hair? Not so much.