Friday, December 28, 2007

all dressed up...

I found my wedding dress!!!! 
I went to visit my friend Kimmy at her new place of work- Foley + Corinna on Melrose Ave.

Kimmy (on the left) and me

Foley + Corinna is a really cool boutique-y type place with original clothing designs by the Foley part and handbags by the Corinna part, mixed up with refashioned vintage stuff.
My mom and I went crazy in the store. We bought a bunch of fabulous stuff...

this is me in the dress- Kimmy is showing me all the different ways I can wear it.
It's a silk wrap dress that can be worn like a sarong. And the top layer of sheer fabric is slightly longer in the back so there's a little hint of a train! It's perfect for a small wedding on the beach. This dress can be worn so many different ways- I'm going to wear it the way it look sin the picture for the ceremony and then another way (maybe like a halter) for the reception. And the best part is that it was around $300! Waaaaaay cheaper than most of the wedding dresses I was looking at online.

While I was in the store I noticed a dress that the dress my friend wore for her wedding reception was from Foley + Corrina too!

I bought another dress for my rehearsal dinner that I absolutely love. I couldn't find any pictures of it online. I guess you'll just have to wait for the rehearsal dinner blog!

My cousin bought this top...

Her last name is Foley so she just had to get something. No seriously- my mom MADE her.

And my mom bought some vintage dresses that I'm planning on stealing.

and now for fun picture time:

typical Laura
Mom on Melrose Ave- a blackberry in one hand and a glass of champagne in the other. Typical.

Calla Lillies and glass

this dress was ridiculous. It was like an ice skating outfit with sequins all the way down one arm. yikes.

So now I'm all dressed up with no where to go!

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